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Our knowledge advances all business needs: getting incorporated, document drafting, litigation solutions, debt management (collection and defense), even reorganization through bankruptcy, and more. Learn your rights by talking to our experienced attorneys in Western Pennsylvania.

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Our 10 lawyers make use of state-of-the-art technology to deliver our legal services.  Our creative solutions will save you time and money. We offer  progressive flat fee pricing and a multi-discipline approach. This gives you a wide range (and depth) of expertise for an affordable price.

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Contracts, Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreements. Take advantage of our contract law  and drafting experience in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas. Our lawyers, who also handle  litigation, can tell you the best ways to avoid litigation at the contract drafting or business purchase  stage. We also draft partnership agreements and operating agreements for LLCs. Our Pittsburgh  lawyers have seen our clients face pitfalls from relying on a downloaded “form” or the advice of a  Pittsburgh attorney who does not focus in the area of business law.

Business Entity Formation. Our Pittsburgh, PA lawyers work to protect your personal assets by  helping you incorporate. We can help you form a limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership,  S-corp, or other entitiy. It may be exteremely important for you to form an LLC, s-corp, professional  corporation, or other entity if you are doing business and you are entering into contracts. With an  limited liability company or other entity, you can do business in the name of that entity, only, and  fully protect your personal assets if you find you cannot honor your end of the bargain. You should  know how much stock to issue.  Have a Pittsburgh lawyer incorporate your business. You can also  get certain tax advantages from having an LLC in terms of expensing business costs, including legal  fees if you are sued. Know the consequences of failing to incorporate. We will tell you whether you  should have an S-Corp or other entity such as a limited partnership or whether you qualify for a  professional corporation (PC). Our Lawyers in Pittsburgh PA will gladly draft your articles of  incorporation and your operating agreement that fully protects the members or shareholders, and  shield’s assets. Have a Pittsburgh attorney incorporate your important business.

Defending Your Business. Know your rights and options from attorneys in Pittsburgh PA. Many  businesses get overwhelmed with debt at times. Delinquent debt can adversely impact your  business’s credit rating. Even worse, if your company is a manufacturer, for example, your unpaid  debts to suppliers can cause business interruption by leaving you with a supply chain. We’re  sensitive to all matters relating to your business or breach of duty, fiduciary or otherwise.

Defending Law Suits. If a creditor filed suit? No problem. Our litigation attorneys give you options.  We can mount an aggressive defense (asserting every technicality out there) or we can simply file an  answer to the complaint, raise a few issues of fact, and put the track for determination at a trial a  year or more in the future. You may have defenses to the claim or you may be looking to buy time  to pay your debts. Either way, there is likely some defense we can raise based on your dealings  with the creditor.

Bankruptcy Law. Our lawyers know the federal bankruptcy laws, which appear at Title 11 of the  United States Code. Federal bankruptcy law is divided into several areas. A bankruptcy can be filed  under the following categories: Chapter 7, known as straight bankruptcy or liquidation, requires a  debtor to give up property that exceeds certain limits (exemptions), so the property can be sold to  pay his or her debt to creditors; Chapter 11, known as reorganization, pertains to businesses (and  certain individual debtors whose debts are significant); Chapter 11 debtors are permitted to  reorganize and restructure their debts and are given a considerable period for doing so, instead of  having to opt for one-time bankruptcy; Chapter 12 is a particular kind of bankruptcy that applies to  family farmers and fishermen, only; Chapter 13 is sometimes referred to as debt consolidation or the  wage-earners plan. Under this plan, the debtor must have a steady income and devise a plan,  subject to court approval, to pay back creditors some of the debt owed to them.

Legal Help in Many Areas. Your businesses financial woes will be intertwined with another legal  issues, such as a divorce or criminal matter involving the company’s owner, CEO, or investor. Our  Pittsburgh lawyers have it all covered. We are a full services law firm that boasts a team of 12  lawyers. Each attorney has a slightly different sub-specialty. We have a former prosecutor on staff,  and experienced family law attorneys, a trademark lawyer, and immigration attorney, and more.  Chances are, our team can handle any legal problem you face.

Purchasing a Business. Our Western Pennsylvania attorneys focus on the process to acquire a  business and/or business assets such as a real property, or other asset that may be subject to  copyright or patent. It always pays to have good advice as you venture into matters that often result  in litigation. It is a good idea to know how litigation may unfold in the absence of the right protection  early on. You should also get practical advice about balance sheets, accounts receivable, accounts  payable and earnings before taxes, insurance, depreciation and amortization. You also need to  know how much of the business’s revenue comes from internet advertising and/or domain name  optimization.

Litigation and Trials. Our firm has represented countless businesses and individuals over the  years. We know how to obtain the best possible judicial resolution of a corporate or business law  matter. For example, from our considerable experience, we know how to present your case in the  best possible light without racking up unnecessary expenses. We fully appreciate that companies will  avoid litigation entirely if the cost is prohibitive. We want to the see the courtroom doors remain  open to all our clients and we do not want our clients shrink away from fully protecting their rights.  Our Pittsburgh, PA lawyers recommend alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation, but  only if we think ADR will save you money in the end. Otherwise, our trial lawyers are ready to handle  your case from start to finish in state, federal, and the appellate courts. We do litigation and  drafting for business law matters throughout Allegheny, Beaver, Washington and Butler County,  locally, and throughout the USA.  Our practice extends into federal court and we accept clients with  matters in Western PA who may happen to live in any city or state nationwide. Links.

Our lawyers also help with asset protection.  We explain the benefits of incorporating your business: protect your assets and those of your business partners.  But yes, the veil may be pierced by the courts. We make sure you play at safe and have the right  corporate structure, avoid undercapitalization, and claims that your company is a mere shell, with no assets, no accounts receivable, and no insurance.  We show you are pay down debts.  We make sure you are not grossly undercapitalized, to avoid claims to pierce the corporate veil on an alter ego theory.  We help you obey corporate formalities.  We help with formality, and make sure you have separate books from the owner’s books, so the company is not a personal credit card for the  company’s owner, to avoid personal liability for corporate debts.  We create proof that you held or hold meetings, and record corporate minutes about key decisions and insurance.  We minimize losses from claims for fraud and individual Participation.  We make it so others are hard pressed to claim that you committed a wrong personally, or that you cheated, or were guilty of negligence, to make you potentially liable for the company’s contracts.  You are a disclosed principal, who will not make personal guarantee, or a guaranty, unless you have to, personally, to secure your company’s debts.  We help you draft employee handbooks, purchase orders, leases/sub-leases, and all types of lease agreements.

* The flat fee covers all  attorney and  paralegal time to get  your business  incorporated and to give  you general guidance  at this important time in  the life of your  company. Although our  fees are typically $175  per hour, the flat fee  locks you in at one  price for drafting your  documents and talking  with you at length  about your business.  There is limit on how  long you can talk to us  about getting  incorporated. We  mainly want to give you  guidance at this crucial  time and build a  relationship with you for  future business.  Parenthetically, our flat  fee for incorporations  does not include filing  fees for the  incorporation.

Our Pittsburgh law firm  helps business from  the initial incorporation  to suits to collect  money owed, to  non-compete issues.  We’re there when your  business is struggling  and needs a defense of  creditor claims, and  even bankruptcy  protection.  We handle cases in:

Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington, Westmoreland Counties