Restructuring Your Business 

Depending on the facts in your case, you may be able to reduce your debt and remain in business.  Know all the rights and options available to you or your business.  Our lawyers negotiate to bring down your debt and defend law  suits against you for money. We also prepare you and handle  the most extreme form of business debt reorganization:  bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Law
Our lawyers know the federal bankruptcy laws, which appear at  Title 11 of the United States Code. Federal bankruptcy law is  divided into several areas.

Types of Filings
A bankruptcy can be filed under the following categories: Chapter  7, known as straight bankruptcy or liquidation, requires a debtor  to give up property that exceeds certain limits (exemptions), so  the property can be sold to pay his or her debt to creditors;  Chapter 11, known as reorganization, pertains to businesses  (and certain individual debtors whose debts are significant);  Chapter 11 debtors are permitted to reorganize and restructure  their debts and are given a considerable period for doing so,  instead of having to opt for one-time bankruptcy; Chapter 12 is a  particular kind of bankruptcy that applies to family farmers and  fishermen, only; Chapter 13 is sometimes referred to as debt  consolidation or the wage-earners plan.Under this plan, the  debtor must have a steady income and devise a plan, subject to  court approval, to pay back creditors some of the debt owed to  them.

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