FAQ – Do I Need An Attorney?

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Do I need an attorney to create a new business  entity, such as an LLC, LLP, or S-corp?


You only get one chance to form a business correctly the first time.  You can lose the benefit of the corporate veil (and personal asset protection) if you do not obey certain formalities during both the incorporation process and thereafter.  Plus, subsequent corrections to the papers can involve  significant expenditures of time and money into the  indefinite future. It generally pays to get good advice  upfront and to have a lawyer help form your business entity. Likewise, a lawyer can draw from past  experience to give you advice in other business-related  matters. You will be surprised by the amount of advice  you can extract from a lawyer when you are  contemplating the creation of a new business entity.  Rarely will you find a lull in the conversation where  neither you nor the lawyer will have anything to say. You  will likely look back on your quest for legal assistance  as a good decision.

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