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Having a lawyer create your entity — whether it be a corporation, c-corp, b-corp, LLC, Limited Liability Partnership, or other entity – will save you money over the long run.

Get it Right The First Time

Some of of our clients came to us for the first time after they created the wrong kind of “do-it-yourself” entity, only to find they had to start over, which is not the end of the world, but it can be a waste of time after, for example, printing letterhead and business cards naming a type of entity they abandoned for one that gave them the type of tax advantages they wanted.

Protect Your Assets

You should really obey certain corporate formalities in order to get full protection of the “corporate veil” (or shield) to protect your personal assets from the debts of the corporation.

We Make This Process Cost Effective 

We not only incorporate your business, we give you necessary advice at all stages.  It is always a good time to get legal advice on business law matters such as:

  • Employee / Staffing

  • Contract Liability / Collection / Liens

  • Employee Manuals

  • Property Rights (Rental, Leasing, Ownership)

  • Tax Matters,

  • Copyright / Trademark and

  • More.

This may be the most cost-effective time for you to get the  wide-ranging advice you need. Why not get all your questions  answered at one time, especially if the lawyer who does your  incorporation will answer other questions as a courtesy, as our  firm does?

Benefits Of Incorporation

As you may already know, every person doing business should  give serious thought to the idea of forming a new business  entity, whether it be an LLC, S-corp, or professional  corporation, for example. Most likely, you already know the  pitfalls and personal liability you face by entering into business  agreements and contracts in your own name without the  protection of a corporate “shield.” You may have also heard of  some of the tax advantages of forming an LLC, S-corp, or other  business entity.

Our Law Firm

 Our Pittsburgh lawyers focus on giving business law advice and  helping individuals and existing businesses incorporate. Over  the years, we have formed dozens of business entities in  Pennsylvania, such as limited partnerships, limited liability  companies, S-corps and other entities. We will be glad to draft  for your articles of incorporation and/or an operating agreement  in such a manner that will fully protect your rights. We will  explain all the details, such as how much stock to issue, how  to apportion ownership, and insurance matters. Overall, we  handle all the paperwork for the incorporation of your business.

Sound Advice

As mentioned, we explain to your rights for all kinds of matters  that may come up in your business, not just the incorporation.  Of course, we also tell you the trade-offs and differences  between various business entities, such as a limited liability  company versus an LLP, for example.  We also explain the tax  advantages from creating an entity such as an LLC. You  should know the consequences of waiting too long to  incorporate. We will tell you whether you should have an  S-Corp or other entity such as a limited partnership or whether  you qualify for a professional corporation (PC).

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Business and Personal Contracts, Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreements. Our Western Pennsylvania attorneys offer advice  about contract law and drafting. Our lawyers, who also handle litigation, can tell you the best ways to avoid a costly legal dispute down the road.  You can avoid all that at the contract drafting stage. We also draft partnership agreements and operating agreements for LLCs. We have seen  our clients face pitfalls from relying on a downloaded “form” or the advice of an attorney who does not focus in the area of business law.
* The flat fee covers all attorney and paralegal time to get your business incorporated and to give you general guidance at this important  time in the life of your company. Although our fees are typically $175 per hour, the flat fee locks you in at one price for drafting your  documents and talking with you at length about your business. There is limit on how long you can talk to us about getting incorporated. We  mainly want to give you guidance at this crucial time and build a relationship with you for future business. Parenthetically, our flat fee for  incorporations does not include filing fees for the incorporation.