Purchase of a Business in PA

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Our lawyers focus on the process to acquire a  business and all matters related to the purchase, such  as a domain name, the sale of real property, the sale of  intangible property such as a copyright or patent. It is  always a good time to evaluate your rights and  responsibilities concerning the purchase of a new  business. We help you avoid litigation by making sure  all parties understand their rights sooner rather than  later. We also offer practical legal and business advice  about balance sheets, accounts receivable, accounts  payable and earnings before taxes, insurance,  depreciation and amortization.

Business Law Experience.
Our Pittsburgh lawyers have vast experience giving  advice to clients through all matters involved in the  purchase of a business. We explain your rights and  potential liabilities in matters such as: business  valuation, real estate purchase, domain name  purchase, new operating agreements, and other  matters. Let is advise your duty to use due diligence in  connection with the purchase.

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