All Documents to Start a Business


Get All Your Documents Drafted Correctly

We not only draft your articles of incorporation and operating agreements, we help you with all your documentary needs:  employee handbooks, purchase orders, leases/sub-leases, and all types of lease agreements.   We don’t stop there.   We also help prepare your corporate minutes so you can maintain certain formalities, to get the benefit of asset protection. Otherwise, the corporate veil can be pierced.

Protecting Your Every Step of the Way

We make sure that your contracts list your corporation, only, and you as the “disclosed principal.”  That’s key to make the corporation the only signatory, not your personally.  We remain available to provide advice throughout the life of your business.

In fact, we also help you record and organize your corporates minutes for corporate meetings.  Why is all this stuff necessary?   You need to obey certain corporate formalities in order to retain protection of the corporate veil.  Otherwise, the corporate veil can be pierced to make the individual owners of the company liable for the company’s debts.

We also advise about the importance of you not signing any personal guarantee for the debt of your company, unless it is absolutely necessary to keep your business going and you have no other option.  Our lawyers handle the defense of claims for debt collection and have seen how a personal guaranty can wreak havoc on a business owner in his attempt to keep his business going when trying to defend against different claims during a rough patch in business.  

We also check to see whether you have enough insurance.  Why do we care?   One of the ways to pierce the corporate veil is, undercapitalization.  That is to say, if you do not have sufficient insurance to cover certain expected losses, the corporate veil may be pierced, if grossly undercapitalized.

Our Pittsburgh lawyers assist with all types of document prepration.