Contract Drafting

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Final Product.

The final product is what matters. You can  find a contract “form” on the internet;  however, the final product will be tailored  toward a general audience, not you and  your particular needs. More importantly,   a “form” cannot foresee problems down  the road or give you candid advice about  your expectations. Having the right person  draft your contract can save you tens of  thousands of dollars in the long run.

Our Experience.

At our Pittsburgh, PA firm, our attorneys  have drafted and reviewed contracts  involving everything from the sale of  property, to operating agreements, to  premarital agreements.

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Business and Personal Agreements, Articles of Incorporation, Operating  Agreements. Our Western Pennsylvania attorneys offer advice about contract  law and drafting. Our lawyers, who also handle litigation, can tell you the best  ways to avoid a costly legal dispute down the road. You can avoid all that at the  contract drafting stage. We also draft partnership agreements and operating  agreements for LLCs. We have seen our clients face pitfalls from relying on a  downloaded “form” or the advice of an attorney who does not focus in the area  of business law.