FAQ – How Much Does it Cost?

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How much does it cost to have a lawyer create a  new business entity, such as an LLC, LLP, or  S-corp?


Attorneys are highly trained professionals and, thus,  they charge for their time and effort. That said, you don’t  want to spend any more money than necessary to  realize your goals. It is generally a great idea to seek a  lawyer who offers a free consultation. This will help you  evaluate two things: one, you can witness the attorney’s  ability to communicate and explain your rights, initially.  This is important because your business law lawyer will  be advising you on a host of interrelated topics; you  should be able to understand him or her immediately  and without multiple explanations.

Secondly, you can ask the lawyer how much time he or  she will need to spend on your case. At the same time,  you can evaluate whether the attorney’s advice and  assistance will be worth the money. If the lawyer  impresses you, then, chances are, you will be happy to  pay him or her to guide your over time and take the  stress of off your shoulders.
properly registered and that you have the right to this  property when you purchase the business

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